Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Ken Hyder took up drumming when he was still at school (Harris), and has basically, stuck to it ever since.
He is one of the original innovators in fusing various musical styles from around the globe, physically exploring the planet and experimenting with sounds from other cultures, while still keeping a very strong link to his Scottish roots.
Ken formed his first band, Talisker, in 1969, a group that played free-jazz around Scottish themes. They recorded many albums with varying band line-ups, right up to the end of the 80's.
His collaborations on his other projects since, have taken Ken all around the world, playing with musicians from, South Africa, Latin America, Ireland, Japan, Siberia, well just about everywhere in fact, including recordings with Tibetan monks!
Needless to say he has a huge discography, far too many to list here (around 40 albums) that include work with top names in jazz and folk, again the list is too large to specify.
The wee music sample I have here is from Taliskers 1975 debut album "Dreaming Of Glenisla" - a track called "Diddlin' For The Bairns". The "diddlin" refers to the drumming term "paradiddle" which let's you know that it is a drum solo. Don't expect any rock drumming or jazz drumming cliches though!
The sample is taken direct off my vinyl copy so it comes with crackles and clicks!!
Ken is still going strong today, and continuing with the Scottish themes. In the case of his latest album release, an obvious Dundee linked title is one called "Lochee To Sibi - Return". Nice one!!

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  1. There are more pix here - www.myspace.com/kenhyderdrums - and some even older.

    Including one of me as a wee boy in a kilt.And photies playing with shamans in Siberia.

    Looking at some other items on your site took me right back to schooldays.

    Thanks for the memories.

    Ken Hyder