Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Following on from yesterdays Outpost item...if you look at the window of Winters, nearest to the corner, you can see a reflection of the Outpost shop logo (click image to view the large version).
Bridie commented that Outpost was still in Exchange St in 1982, and this is correct. However, I have a 1982 "Cranked Up" mag which has an Outpost - closing down clearance sale - advert, and so 82 would have been it's final year here. I think the shop was for Goths by this time.
Anyway, moving on to the main picture. Next to Winters is the INSTANT PRINT SHOP, Xerox machines most likely. Then next to them is RUMOURS, which I must admit my memory fails me as to what they did. I can't make out what the shop next door is with the rubbish outside, but further along is EDDIE PALADINE, the bookies and past the wee pendie is the GENTS HAIRDRESSER we called "Quickies".
At the far left side of the street on Commercial Street corner is THE ORIENTAL, the loudest, craziest pub in town! Goodness knows how many times my mob have staggered along these old cobbles after leaving The Oriental to get to Junction 9, but on many of these occasions the street was pitch-dark, and looking at the photo, now I know why - there were no lampposts! There is just 1 suspended light for the whole street, so when that conked out - blackness!!!
In 1983, Exchange St was used in a scene during the filming of "An Englishman Abroad" in Dundee. It doubled as a Moscow side street.
Photo by D C Thomson.


  1. The Fire Escape next to the Barbers, very New York, New York!

  2. the building with the fire escape, i currently live in that building, can anyone shed light as too what this building use to be !!!!!

    such an interesting picture and so different as to what exchange street looks like now !!

  3. Here is the list of businesses that were along that stretch past the hairdressers, in 1970. Going towards Commercial St we have -
    #29 J.A.Braithwaite Ltd
    #31 DCI Group
    Chalmers,White & Co (jute)
    Andy Lothian Organisation
    #33 Lep Air services
    #35 Carvers art dealers

  4. Also on the right,possibly through a pend was the premises belonging to George Morton best known for O.V.D. rum. I wonder if they also had the bit with the fire escape which would make sense because of the fire risk.

  5. Outpost was run by big Sandy Copeland - one of 5 or 6 who were brought up near me and his sister Linda was in my class at the Cleppie! First shop was either Hilltown or Princes St - think the latter. Marvellous place..... I can smell it now!!
    Anyone got anything on Dundonald St ?

  6. The Oriental it had monkeys tied on to the ceiling, and a very busy darts board,the rest is a blur due to speed drinkin which my mates practiced coz they couldn't pull (too drunk)