Saturday, 12 September 2009


This view from the Overgate tunnel was taken by my brother around the early/mid 70's.
That bright shop sign on the Littlewoods side is "The ..... Room". Can't clearly read what it says, but could be Showroom or Tearoom perhaps. Next to the sign in the shadows it has the word "everything". So if anyone knows what it is, drop the info into the comments. I've just always thought it said Littlewoods until I recently zoomed into it.
You'll need to view the large version to see what I mean, so just click on the picture.


  1. I think the cafe in Littlewoods was called the Amber Lounge....woould that be it???

  2. John William MacGillivray30 October 2018 at 16:51

    The Amber Lounge or Room/s was Littlewoods smaller cafe, it was posher than the main resturaunt. The main resturaunt was at the big windows overlooking the High St/Reform St junction, the Amber Room ran along the windows looking into the Overgate, Boots and C&A.