Saturday, 26 September 2009


AAGA were another Dundee band who brought out cassettes of their work in the early 80's.
This one here is their "Secret Pleasures" release, featuring 8 tracks.
Dipping into the darker side of post punk, the lads sound a little sinister on this cover version of "Hard Day's Night", reminding me of the band Magazine a wee bit. Rather eerie, but rather good!
And a reminder that you can catch AAGA in action on video performing live at the Tayside Bar in the early 80's in my January 2009 Archives. Lots of new comments on that one too.



  1. Mike Kane and co very good! Nice artwork as well!

  2. The Beatles original opens with a big "mystery chord" intro, which has been debated ever since. I like the idea that AAGA open with a mystery screech!!

  3. Aaga were a wonderful group - combining the melodic qualities of Steve Grimmond and the musical anarchy of Mike Kane.

    Some of their best stuff, eg "Patience is Virtue" was superb. Thanks GG for this.

  4. how the hell did you get this tape ?!
    I used to do "one of" mix of songs tapes for people and this is one! I am sure there is only one copy of it that I did for a guy , steve? , I think!
    sure its the only tape with hard days night on it.
    It was fun to hear it as I dont have a copy!those were the days , a tape recorder in front of both amps , vocals through guitar amp , one take, one track no mixing !!

  5. I've got a few Aaga tapes ssomewhere. One I remember was called "What A Life" (or something) and another called "15 minutes with Gerry Woodsford Kane", where Mike had recorded his toddler son smashing his toys around. I remember Mike doing a bit of self mutilation live onstage, too. Great and jagged guitarist. He also stuck some local poetry books together. Lost in the mists of time.

  6. Heck Anonymous ..who are you ?
    you know more about me than me !!
    we did do loads of tapes , tried to do a new one for every gig !
    fanzine was called "The Voice"
    poetry magazine was / might be
    "tales of urban dwellings" ?
    cant remember will look them out , we actually bound every single issue personally ! no stapled effort from us !!

  7. Of course, Vex is Mike. I have great memories of Aaga gigs, Vex gigs and one Gerils gig. I also seem to remember Novus or Nova? Tayside Bar mostly but other venues too. Last one was in a masons hall in Tay Street the early 90's just before I left. Must have been 93 or 94 at the latest.

    Mike, you won't know as we never spoke or were introduced. I went to some of your gigs though when I was in Dundee as a student. Without being too crawlingly obsequious you were perhaps amongst the most creative of Dundee's musicians back then and I went to gigs all the time. Do you still play?

    Just saw the Tayside Bar clip on the other page and I think I was at that one. Sounding amazing still after all these years. I remember Altres and the Grip mentioned there, too. So many bands around then. Hope life is good.

    Just found one of those tapes I bought at a gig. It was called "whatalife" and has a torso of a kid on the cover. I really need to get that tape machine fixed. "Bastard Adam Chance" or something is going through my head now. Heh

  8. Hi Anonymous
    thanks for coming to all my various bands gigs!
    I was in Novus for a few years (5)and have about 9 , 90 minute cd,s of this band (each on 2 cd,s) glad you managed to experience the whole spectrum of VEX , Aaga and Novus gigs , I also played and recorded with The wilderness children but it was more for fun as I never wrote any of there songs! A first for me.
    the poetry was "Views from urban dwellings" and if I knew how I would scan and send them and share the embarrassment of my Youth !
    the tayside bar clip is an Aaga gig we did with kevin from Altres , wrote a set played it once then that was it! one show.
    better stop, I could write a book!!

  9. Hi Retro
    about the junkies tape , I have it but have no idea how to MP3 it or get it to you , if you want it that is!
    if jock or vince is reading , get in touch and I will pass it on.

  10. Curiously, I might be doing a job with Al Hendrickx next month and he doesn't have the tape either!
    We'd both like to hear this again.

  11. I much preferred Mike Kane's supergroup with Gerry Mitchell of Boo Hooray. Novus they were called. That was musical anarchy. F***ing amazing stuff too. Goodbye Rock N Roll, hello Novus!!! Hey didn't Novus also do a anarchist fanzine?

  12. for christ sake dont go and wake up novus(festering art goths) or cabbage might want restarted and nobody wants that, do they vex?
    glad to hear big al is still breathing has he lost that attache case yet(or should that be attatched case)

  13. Novus never slept , we are just rested !
    as for cabbage....better with Fungicide, there guitarist was better , even if I paved the way for him!!

  14. here vex do you have the video of cabbage at drcu or is it lost forever. failing that what about tony vs alexis ;)

  15. I forgot to say what 'a great site this is' but I keep getting side tracked brilliant fun. Vex I dont think neil mcintee was a better guiarist than you, only better looking ;)

  16. Wait a minute, I was Fungicide guitarist for about an hour once too. Surely I was the best looking guitarist! How you doing Joe?


  17. Fantastic version, I'd like to hear a remix