Thursday, 20 August 2009


I thought I'd end the Tay Road Bridge sequence by having a wee sing-song!
Dundee folk band, The Wally Dugs, were on the go in the 70's and 80's.
The band line-up was - Pat Finnigan - George Getty & Neil McLeod.
All 3 sang and played a variety of traditional instruments including guitars, mandolin, bagpipes, banjo & whistle.
The band had a stint as resident band at the Nine Maidens in Downfield - the ad above dated March 1977.
They also released an album in the 80's, with the dramatic cover of Dundee painted by band member Neil McLeod.
And so to play us out, here's a stirring bagpipe version of well known title track "The Road To Dundee", which I'm sure you'll all be able to sing along to..!!


  1. I went to Kirkton High with George Getty and Neil McLeod.

    Neil was always drawing in class. I guess it beat listening to the teacher.

    Attended George Getty's stag party. Never seen anyone so drunk and still on his feet!!

    Last I saw the Wally Dugs was in a pub in Toronto - must have been 1986 or 1987. At the time they were based in Germany. Apparently a big hit over there.

    Not sure what they're up to now.

    1. you can find George and Neil on a youtube Video called "Schinkelplatz Concerts - Wally Dugs"
      The Schinkelplatz is in the heart of hamburg, Germany, as I understand the concert was 2014.
      Indeed since 1998 I have seen the Wally Dugs several times in the Hamburg Pub "Zwiebel" and on the "Alstervergnügen", a party around the river Alster in the middle of Hamburg.
      Greetings, Oliver

    2. Hi Graham, it was 1989 that we met in Toronto. Long time ago eh? The Wally Dugs split up in 1997, but Bob and myself carried on as a duo for a while. George teamed up with Dundee fiddler Allan Barty, they called themselves Droon the Miller. The bad news is that George passed away in May 2015 after a long illness. I hope you are doing well. All the best to you. Big Abe?

    3. hi do you have contact info or email for bob plz viv + joe dailly

  2. I used to own and love this record but it did not survive all my moves after university the switch to CDs :-( This was my favourite song!
    Unfortunately it appears that it is not to be found on YouTube anymore, so thanks for the link!