Sunday, 16 August 2009


The first of 2 leaflets I have on public art in Dundee in the 80's, with this one here being for the Blackness area.
In the late 70's much of Blackness was a pretty depressed location, with the buildings either lying empty or being cleared. So in 1981, agencies got together to form a joint project to regenerate the region. "Action Blackness" consisted of a Blackness Public Arts Programme and the Blackness Business Development Area. The idea being that the introduction of art into Blackness would attract attention and bring in much needed business to the area.
When it was complete, it made for an interesting wee tour from Westport to Polepark Road and all the narrow streets in between, trying to track down around 20 works of art.
Many of the works have now themselves since been cleared to make way for the latest chapter in improving Blackness.

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