Thursday, 13 August 2009


Those of you of a certain age and with a certain dress sense will instantly recognise this shirt - the Ben Sherman.
This design was particularly popular around the 1971-74 period. I wore them, as did my mates at school, but they will always be associated with skinhead fashion and the Dundee gang scene.
A reminder of some of the small details of the Ben Sherman are the button on the back of the collar, the tag on the pocket and the folded pleat down the back underneath a loop. 
This kind of check pattern is called "Gingham" and there was a larger variant and a small version of it, the one in the photo being the middle size and most common. There was also a short sleeved shirt alternative.
They were as equally popular with girls as they were with the boys... and still dead smart in my opinion..!!
A classic garment of its time.
You can also get a reminder of the original Ben Sherman box in my July 2008 Archives.


  1. Remember them well, good quality they were too.

  2. I wore the Ben Sherman shirt and Sta Press trousers, you were not in fashion if you didn't have some...I'm female! but it was the fashion.....Might have been known to yell Young Toddy too ( ooops!)