Sunday, 30 August 2009


Russ Paterson started playing guitar and harmonica with a Dundee group called the Inn Folk back in the early 60's. Around the same time, he was also involved in setting up the very successful Dundee Folk Club, which went on to organise many a memorable night at the Woodlands Hotel. As well as playing the local clubs, Russ has also performed at the Caird Hall quite a few times sharing the stage with the likes of Tom Paxton, Hamish Imlach, The Corries, Archie Fisher to name just a few.
In the late 70's he joined The Cameron Kerr Three and gigged with them for a couple of years.
From the 80's onwards he has performed mostly as a solo artist but occasionally finding time to sit in as guest with other acts, including a few blues sessions with his sons, Don and Stephen.
Russ now runs the Dundee Folk Club website, which you will find in with the Retro Dundee links down the left. He also has a link to his own blog on the site. Lots of Dundee photos and info from the 60's to view.
His son Don, is the subject of tomorrows post.


  1. Where on earth did you get that photo? Colored as well! Thanks for the mention for me and meh laddie. I have a blog, Dundee Folk Club, you and some of your readers may be interested in.

  2. Thanks for getting in touch, Mr P. I've had that photo for a while, it's originally from Argus magazine, although in black & white. I added the touches of colour myself. I've already got the Dundee Folk Club link on Retro Dundee. You can also find a few other Dundee "folk" items using the Retro search box.
    I wouldn't mind knowing what model of guitar that is you have in the photo? GG

  3. The guitar in the pic is a Kramer. Aluminium neck and because of that it wouldn't stay in tune! Got rid of it. Like a few of the guitars I've owned I wish I'd kept it as a collectors piece.