Wednesday, 26 August 2009


One of the places Dundee mods used to gather at was The Hap cafe in Arbroath Road.
This short clip of film below captured some of the original 60's mod culture, hanging out at The Hap and whizzing about on their scooters.
I remember in the late 60's there being a customised scooter parked in Craigie. Dozens of mirrors & lights with a raccoon tail on the back! Dead smart actually.
The mod scene has been going on ever since of course with it's fashion, style and music still appealing to each subsequent generation.


  1. Brilliant footage. WE ARE THE MODS! Although they probably didn't sing that at all, you only heard that in the films.

  2. the landscape has hardly changed either, same park, same pub, same factory etc :)

  3. i can remember mods riding scooters past halfords in the 80's during the mod revival through the film quadrophenia
    there was also a bloke in muirhead an old grumpy stan somebody cant remember his second name he had a shed full of lambretta and vespa scooters
    wonder what happened to the scooters?
    apparently someone in the dundee area has the scooter ridden by phil daniels in quadrophenia