Monday, 10 August 2009


Over 1300 runners turned out for the first marathon held in Dundee on 24th April 1983.
I didn't take part in it but I did go to the city centre to give the competitors some encouragement. I had a flat in the centre of town at the time and remember catching the build up to the start of the race. I then nipped home for 2 hours and went back into the city centre to see the runners finish.
Radio Tay were broadcasting from the city square as part of the marathon's entertainment and I recall they played the theme tune to "Chariots of Fire" by Vangelis as the runners went by.!!
Later that afternoon, the central pubs were crammed with locals wrapped in silver foil..!!


  1. brilliant :)
    i remember this , altho the ones at the back look they have just come out of teazers :)

  2. I won the 83/84 races and recall crossing the line in front of a great crowd of spectators. My wife got stuck in St Andrews as the car wouldn't start. A helpful chap who had heard me talking to her on Radio Tay after the race dismantled the engine - she finally got a lift over with our baby girl, no 28...