Sunday, 2 August 2009


Back again...and off to the 60's we go.
This curvy section of Lochee Road has the Logie Burying Ground on the corner, and on the other side of the street there are the shops and business premises.
If you go onto Google Street View you'll find that all the shops and businesses have been replaced with modern housing.
The footage below also features some young lads messing about. Possibly budding Lochee Fleet members..?!!


  1. Welcome back Retro. Your picture is interesting on two counts. The view of this much changed bit of Lochee Rd. is of course fascinating but ,as an old car buff, I was pleased to see the car on the left which is one of the now very rare, original Ford Capris.These were a derivative of the Ford Classic and were only produced briefly in the early sixties before the Cortina was introduced.
    My memory of this area is the pub which is just out of sight round the bend on the right and sat slap bang beside the church at the bottom of Tullideph. Was it called the Steps?
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Cracking left hook, young squire!

  3. Wow, this is tremendous this is where I was born (185/1957 ones a house number and ones a DOB) and this was my playground (a graveyard although there were swings at the street as well) I will need a closer look to see if I recognise any pus punchers or pus punchees.

    1. Can I ask you if there was an undertakers there?

  4. Ah, one location for my Scrotum Poles film (on youtube).
    But a Ford Capris!
    Faither had a Ford Classic and I thought it was from Thunderbirds.
    Now I have a Triumph Herald, a sofa made from another one and an armchair made from an Anglia.
    Fins do it for me.

  5. But Major, don't you find that fins ain't what they used to be...

  6. it was the steps bar owner jack Wallace the barry cusick Jordan Robertson clan drank there 40 50 60 70s p cusick