Saturday, 22 August 2009


The Fountain Disco opened in November 1983, not long before rivals Fat Sams opened in fact.
It was a bit of a trendy place playing new wave, pop and disco.
This was the first club in Dundee to have lasers as part of the lightshow, and together with over-active dry-ice and bubble machines, made the dancefloor area a real visual treat when in full flow.
One of the DJ's was, Quincey McAdam, who used to DJ down at Londons Camden Palace.
Large video screens were up around the place, and with this being the era of over-the-top pop promo vids, they would show the likes of Duran Duran, Michael Jackson and Frankie Goes To Hollywood.
There were 2 lounges and 3 bars which meant there were areas other than the dancefloor to indulge in.
It put on the odd live act too. I remember seeing the brilliant Bristol reggae band Black Roots play here in 1984.
The ad under the photo is for when The Fall were also due to play here in '84, but the gig venue was changed to rivals Fat Sams!
The other ad is just a general one showing their extended weekend action and is from summer 1984.
It had a "No Jeans" rule on certain nights, and I recall on one unplanned visit, I was the only one in my crowd who was wearing jeans and so wasn't expecting to get in. I queued up anyway, and when the time came for me to step through the door the bouncer did his "Sorry, no jeans" routine. Improvising off the top of my head, I found myself saying "They're not denim, they're blue canvas". He stood staring at them bamboozled for a couple of seconds and said "Aye OK, in ye go!".
And that's how to outsmart the smart dress code..!!


  1. We used to go to The Fountain Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights. When it first opened it was a brilliant night out, brilliant music, and who can forget Murray McLean the photographer, still have my photos we used to get taken by him. But I agree after being so good for ages it suddenly went down hill rapidly and became the place you made sure you avoided, pity.

  2. I worked at the Fountain when it first opened and Murray McLean did my wedding photographs! This is a trip down memory lane.

  3. Was best mates with the owners son ,RIP first job at 14 was a glass collector unofficially of course and our pay was a chinese carry out from Eddies mum Betty...great days...