Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Some of the other shows on that night were, Top of The Pops with Pete Murray. One of the rare episodes I missed out on. I can tell you though that The Beatles were at #1 at the time with their double A-side single "Eleanor Rigby/Yellow Submarine".
I remember I used to watch Adam Adamant Lives, the Victorian swordsman living in 60's swinging London! It has since gone on to achieve the "Cult TV" tag.
Dusty Springfield had the Dudley Moore Trio on her show, a jazz act with a touch of humour I recall.
The Radio Times back then only covered BBC programmes in the magazine so I've no idea what ITV had on offer.
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  1. Dear Retro, Thanks for the Adam Adamant memory jog. If I remember correctly, he whizzed about in a Mini Cooper or Cooper S with the number plate AA ??? Also, I am sure your younger readers will be amused to see that T.V. closed down not long after eleven. Remember that whine which came on after the national anthem to make you turn off the tele?