Monday, 24 August 2009


A 70's ad for Le Mirage which was situated on the corner of Ward Road & Constitution Road. I don't actually recall ever being in the Mirage so can't give you the lowdown on it.
Another one for you guys to supply any details you have into the comments.


  1. Le Mirage was the first place I heard a young pianist playing Oscar Peterson type jazz. Peter Vitesse went on to play with local jazz rock band Elegy... then over the years with Go West Paul McCartney, Jethro Tull and many other famous names.

  2. I worked in the Le Mirage during the summer of 1977. It was a restaurant ahead of its time in Dundee. It offered an excellent a la carte menu hitherto unknown in the City. Its excellent food and unique atmosphere was very popular. I think the manager was Ernesto Lori (he can be seen on the Le Mirage ad) and the head waiter was a guy called Mike and the head chef Derek. There was a dance floor. Bands played. All topped of by the flambe cooking of the waiters at the customers tables! The bistro bar was next door. The owner was George Smith.
    Who appeared most lunch times with various business friends. Ewan

  3. Nice place, played there in the 70's
    with a key basher called Alan McKay

  4. used to go there on a thursday night with my husband when we could get a babysitter food ever .i ve been to a few places since then but could nt beat the le mirage was wasted in dundee and was ahead of the times .happy memories ..i now serve ernesto in the supermarket i work in and he s still as cheeky as ever ..