Sunday, 1 February 2009


Sometime around the start of 1985, The Associates played live on stage at Fat Sams. The above review of that very gig, written by local journalist, Bob Flynn, appeared in the NME - 2nd Feb 1985. Dance Factory nights were Dundee's "alternative music" nights and used various venues around the city, Fat Sams being the privileged place on this occasion.
It was a gig I was at too. Absolutely choc-a-block I recall.
A couple of wee extra details I can remember are - on 2 or 3 of their songs they brought on backing singers, dressed in black polo necks. I'm not 100% certain, but I reckon one of them was Eddi Reader. She was pretty unknown at this time, so no-one would have realised then.
I can also remember occasionally glimpsing part of the show on the in-house TV screens. They had TV monitors in the back room so you could still catch the act when nipping through for refreshments. I wonder now whether the show was ever recorded onto video? If anyone out there has a copy, feel free to get in touch..!!
I do, luckily, have an audio recording of the Fat Sams gig.
So here below is a reminder of that January evening in South Ward Road.
The vid contains a short piece of film of Billy Mackenzie in Fat Sams at the start, but it's not from this gig, it's only the music that's from Fatties. The rest of the visuals are stitched together from various sources, as a little tribute.
The track is "The Affectionate Punch".

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