Sunday, 8 February 2009


This ad for Potters in the Murraygate is dated April 1970.
A week devoted to getting a free fitting from the experts it says, but isn't it just trying on different sizes?
The above styles don't appear to reflect the fashion of the times either it has to be said.
Anyway, the shoe shop was on 3 floors and was in quite a nice "ye olde" type of building.
Below is a piece of footage (almost a pun there) of the actual building, taken from across the road.
It only lasts a couple of seconds, so don't blink!!


  1. I used to get taken to Potters in Commercial Street for my Start Rite school shoes. I think it was where the Early Learning Centre is now.

    They had this brilliant x-ray machine thing for measuring your tootsies. I loved it...but then it was found to be some sort of health hazard and they did away with it..boooo.

    Was the Murraygate Potters before or after the Commercial Street one...I somehow think it was post Commercial Street but I will stand corrected if necessary!

    1. My mum used to get us Startrite 'Sunriders' for the summer (which weren't as common and 'trendy' as the plastic-soled Clarks version) and some black, lace-up Harry Potter type shoe for the winter. Looking back, great taste, but I wanted some nasty 1970's/80's synthetic stuff on my feet!

    2. My Aunt worked in Potters. They moved from the Murraygate to Commercial Street.

  2. Well that film of Potters is from 1966 and the same building became Hendersons in the early 70's, so it depends when your childhood was, the early 60's or mid 70's?
    Those feet xray gizmos leaked radiation. You'd go in with 10 toes and come out with 12..!!

  3. Ah, well that explains my supersize feet then!

  4. I used to get taken to Potters for my ballet shoes.

  5. My Grampa was the original owner an my dad was Fred one of the sons, my mother's maiden name was Margaret McCutcheon who worked in the shop before marrying. As a family we emigrated to Australia in 1950. I have fond memories of calling in at the shop after school and my favourite activity was playing in the lift before being sent home. I returned to Dundee in 1997 and the beautiful building was still there but alas the shoe shop of my childhood sadly no longer existed.