Monday, 23 February 2009


Pullman's was for a while, the city centre pub that me and my mates used to arrange to meet in before hitting the rest of town, so my recollections of it are mostly being there only in the early evenings for a couple of pints to get the night started.
It attracted a young crowd at weekends, even if it did only have a basic wall jukebox.
Lunchtimes, however, saw more of a mixed age group because their pub lunches were popular.
To get your bearings in the photo, the windows faced onto Ward Road which is also where the main doorway was (centre area of the shot).
There was also another entrance on Constitution Road out of view behind the photographer.
The above image was captured on 21st April 1982.
The decor was at first done in a plum/wine colour, then a few years later it had a makeover and was transformed into a green coloured drinking den called No1.
In it's older pre Pullman's life, this building was Le Mirage restaurant.

Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. The Pullman was the first place I ever got served at 16! I used to go down on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes when I was doing my YTS 2 day release at DCC on the "Conshie", this would have been about 1985. I remember that chicken curry & chips was the choice of everyone... plus a few pints of lager tops! We used to go back to class half cut!

    The fashion for the guys in the Pullman back then was black box jacket, pleaters, shirt & tie, white socks, slip on shoes, tash, side shade (with optional perm at the back)!

    I remember the interior being a burgandy red rather than green though.

  2. If this is the same place I'm thinking of, it may be the first time I got completely rat a**ed during the day as a first year student at Abertay in 1994-ish. A few of us had French classes in building on a side street just off Ward Road (can't remember its name off-hand), but one day the lecturer didn't turn up, so we toddled off to the pub. Several voddies and cokes later, it was time for a late afternoon lecture, so I hobbled up to Abertay somewhat the worse for wear and met up with my other classmates. I'm still not sure whether anyone could tell I was totally bladdered, as nobody seemed to twig!