Monday, 9 February 2009


Around about 1970, Boots on the corner of Reform Street, became the first store in the city to install an escalator. The first weekend it was operating saw an influx of kids to the shop who wouldn't normally be in Boots. They were the ones trying out this modern contraption the most. It was just like a visit to the funfair I suppose, the novelty of it.
What I liked about it was that it lead straight into the record dept on the first floor. Yes, Boots did used to sell albums, singles, cassettes and posters in the 70's.
They didn't have a "down" escalator though, so after a wee rummage through the record racks it meant having to use the "old fashioned" staircase. They did have framed pictures on the stairway walls, so at least you got a free art gallery display for your efforts!
The top image is of when Boots changed their exterior appearance the same time as they got the escalator put in.
Underneath it is the carrier bag from their record department - with a pop act on one side and a classical conductor on the flip.


  1. My best buy out of Boots Record Dept was Cool for Cats on pink vinyl. I went running over to the Cafe Val d'or to show it off to my mum who was having a coffee there.She was suitably unimpressed with my purchase.

    However, my very first record purchase from Boots was "January" by Pilot. Now there is an admission!

  2. I was a shop assistant in the new Boots when it opened in 1970.Boots were advertising for staff and we were in the store weeks before it opened getting it ready and they brought some staff up from their head office in Nottingham to train us. I worked in the record department.