Saturday, 14 February 2009

ROYAL HOTEL (Teazers etc) - 70's & 80'S

The old Royal Hotel building in Union Street was quite a busy place if you go back 2 or 3 decades.
Here's the lowdown on the mid 70's to mid 80's period.
Well "Teazers" was the name of the night club they ran upstairs. The disco in the main lounge was quite roomy, and being a typical city centre club, it was always chock-a-block at weekends.
However, more interesting things were going on in the other rooms in the hotel...
In one of the smaller lounges they put on occasional jazz acts. I remember attending a few back then. Jazz-funksters Morrissey Mullen, and jazz-rockers Soft Heap, are 2 that spring to mind.
In another area of the hotel there was a larger hall that also had a stage. Dundee's alternative music promoters "Dance Factory" used this venue to put on gigs. Although these were usually advertised as being at Teazers, it wasn't the main disco room.
Needless to say, I went to lots of those too. Some of the acts who performed were, Big Country - Aztec Camera - The Fall - Durutti Column - Death Cult - Fischer Z, and on it goes.
This hall was also the place where they had a go at running a regular reggae disco. It was a bit hit & miss attendance-wise, even if the music was great, so unfortunately it only lasted a few months. Shame because it was the only place in Dundee where you were likely to hear Junior Murvin's classic "Police & Thieves" - so it got my thumbs up at the time!
When the Dance Factory moved to their permanent home in Fat Sams in 1984, Teazers started up a new club night called the Rock Machine, and this showcased both the alternative scene and rock music.
The top picture is the main Royal Hotel building's location on the corner of Union Street.
The photo under it shows the entrance area to Teazers Nite Club (the black & white doorway structure behind the pole) which was roughly halfway down Union Street.
Underneath that is the main lounge bar in Teazers disco.
The Teazers advert is a typical example of the kind published in the local press - this one here dating from December 1978.
And below, is a clip of the Royal Hotel entrance which was a separate area to Teazers doorway, and captured on film in 1985.
Although the building itself is till there today, it's no longer in use as a hotel.


  1. Yes, Sir Ossie from Edinburgh hosted a reggae disco but it never really took off. The local Crucial Youth Sound Sytem also ran reggae nights here and in Blazers Niteklub (in pend next to Victoria Cinema). Teazers was rough and tumble and scary at times. The Dance Factory had some good gigs there before it moved to Fatties. The along came Tokyo Joe!

  2. Although the building remains, the Royal Hotel no longer exits as a hotel....has been subdivided up into the now "Royal Apartments" flats.

    Saw The Farmers Boys in Teazers/Dance Factory.

  3. i'm sure The Grip had a lot to do with any reggae stuff on the go in Dundee in the early 80's and they weren't reggae snobs either, mixing black uhuru, nightdoctor etc with the clash and the ruts, (jah wars) not bad for a bunch o List D troublemakers ;)

  4. I grew up drinking in the Kings Lounge - was there from the age of 16!! It was a fab place with the bouncers really friendly. We'd sometimes head to the "princes Lounge" for a quieter drink - then let ourselves down by sliding down the bannisters at the end of the night!!

  5. Anyone remember Des Jefferson? A dude that used to sing here doing a home keyboard thing on a sunday night mostly.

  6. Des Jefferson & Strange Affair i think! "obla dee obla di , la la la la life goes on" he's on the run fae Dundee , can't afford the maintainence money for all the bairns he's got to local single mithers !!!!!!

  7. Remember Teazers well. (The same era as Tay Centre Disco ,upstairs fae the cellar bar)I think the other hall you're referring to was located upstairs from the 'Teazers' Disco.
    My main memory of Teazers was the stoor on your clothes showing up under their lights

  8. Can remember alot of time spent here from working the bar in the Kings, Princes, Royal Stuart and Tokyo Joe's! Alot of bands played in the Kings Lounge (sarah and the rest from chinatown, etc) and Sunday afternoons were really busy. Lots of characters worked there for Alan and Derek - Teresa, Abi, Linda, Andy, Kim, Paul, Ian, Joe and some others whose names aen't coming to mind right now but sure I have pics somewhere. The windows just above Henderson's on High Street is where the Kings Lounge was. From memory the hotel closed in the early 90s...

  9. I was the DJ in Teazers, Princes Lounge as well as a two year residency in Tay Hotel Cellar Bar and Upstairs at weekends. It was always mobbed and yes there was the odd fracas or two!! Great memories though then I moved on to work Fat Sams when it opened.


  10. i remember teazers well. bouncers BIG RAB & PETER THE GREEK.were nice guys but for sure not to be messed with.late 70s.had many good nights there..

  11. Still alive & kicking down in the West Coast doing the odd gig here and there near Glasgow.
    Also been working as a TV Extra so see if you can spot me in Filth!

  12. My favourite moment was when my (then) 13 year old, little brother was at a school 'disco' at Teazers (known as Sleazers) and my dad asked the dj to announce to all and sundry "would RM please come to the exit as his dad is waiting for him". Classic parental embarrassment and sistery mirth!