Tuesday, 24 February 2009

1963 AD #3 - D.M. BROWN'S

3rd ad is for DM Brown's, on the corner of the High Street & Commercial Street.
This was a large department store, the perfume area being the first thing you'd come to when you went in through the main High Street doors, and consisted of a big maze of counters that seemed to take ages making your way through when trying to find the other departments in the store!
I remember my mother, aunties and their friends talking about Coty L'Aimant back in the 60's, so it must have been pretty good stuff. The one in the ad costs 11/6.
Below is an original 60's commercial for another Coty product - lipstick.


  1. DM Brown's was a place of real wonderment when I was a tiddler.
    They had this marvellous tube system running throughout the shop. Money wasn't kept in departmental tills as I remember but, when you paid, the cash and the price ticket was put into a bronze coloured cannister thingy. It was about the size of a toilet roll tube and had a wee oval shaped window and grey leather or rubber stoppers at either end. The cannister was then put in a tube beside the sales desk and and it got sooked away to the cashiers office. A few minutes later, the cannister would come wooshing back along with a receipt and any change due. To this day, I still can't figure out how the cannisters didn't get mixed up in the tubes and end up in the wrong departments. As a toddler, I thought it was the cutting edge of modern technology!

    I seem to remember that the old lifts in DMs were the same strange bronze colour and had sunrise style dials above the lift to show which floor they were at.

    Ladies toilets were quite grand if I remember too(!) and I also remember being a pretty posh white plasterwork tearoom overlooking Castle Street but I must have been really tiny at that time.

  2. Oooh! Just noticed...my mum had one of those Coty bottles in the advert. It was black glass and I think the perfume was kind-of thick and you dabbed it on your wrist with the white wand that came in the bottle.