Thursday, 26 February 2009

U2 - CAIRD HALL - 1983

On this day, 26 years ago, U2 were playing in Dundee and it was a show I went to. In fact this was the 2nd time I had seen the band as I caught them at Edinburgh Nite Club a couple of years earlier.
I remember popping along to Da Vinci's for a quick pint before meeting up with my mates in the city square for the concert. So after my refreshment I was making my way into the town centre and as I was passing the Angus Hotel, lo and behold, there was U2 getting into their minibus ready to be taken to their gig. I very nearly shouted over to them to give me a lift but I managed to restrain myself. If I had another couple of pints inside me I may very well have been telling you about the time U2 drove me to their show!
Oh well, anyway, this Dundee gig was the very first date on this '83 tour. On the back of the stage they had a huge image of their "War" album cover. Bono was quite hyperactive on the night, pacing up & down the stage waving the white flag, clambering about on the PA stacks and even managing to reach the balcony at one point while still singing!
I missed the support act who were called The Nightcaps.
Below is a recording from this very U2 gig at the Caird Hall. Not only that, as they were trying out their new material, this track "Like A Song" would be the one and only time they would ever play this song on stage, so a bit of a Dundee exclusive!
Afterwards, me and my mates all went back to Da Vinci's to finish the evening off.


  1. ha ha £3.50. I remember being at that concert and Bono walking along the balcony.

  2. I was at the concert as well, this was my first ever concert as a 15 year old boy fae kirkton!!.
    I remember there was a massive queue and it was pouring of rain that night, the support band got spat on and u2 were amazing!!!

  3. Amazing gig! I got crushed at the front of the stage , got pulled up on the stage, Bono gave me a cup of water so I threw it over him and we danced a jig. Chatted to the band at their after party then went home laden with drum sticks and autographs. Brilliant !!