Tuesday, 3 February 2009


So who's the bloke causing all the fuss with the Beaujangles babes?
Well it's TV & movie star, Patrick Mower.
This was the official opening of Mr B's shop in the Wellgate Centre in the late 70's.
I think Mr M might have been trying for the Saturday Night Fever look!

Photo by DC Thomson.

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  1. I was working in the store when that picture was taken. Obviously, didn't want blokes in that picture.
    That was an absolutely mental day. The place was jumping. Showed how Dundee was very much the backwater when someone like him caused such a fuss.
    People don't realise Mr B was a big company in those days with 3 in Dundee, I worked in all of them, with the one in Commercial Street the office hub but the quietest store. I remember Brumbie Jumbos too and I remember the brothers who owned it all.
    It was good learning experience especially when I ended up in the people's Journal modelling some of the gear.