Monday, 2 February 2009


Following on from my previous post, I thought I'd put a picture of Monkey Boots up for those who may have forgotten all about them. Very popular with Dundee's streetwise teenagers in the early 70's. They were worn by girls as much as the boys, and sometimes were considered to be a cheaper alternative to Doc Martens amongst gang types.
It also meant shoe shops did brisk business selling tins of Kiwi Ox Blood boot polish!


  1. Werent these mostly for skinhead girls or the younger gang members as in Tiny Fleet? Tiny Huns? I bought my wife a pair for her xmas this year. You can get them on ebay. She hasnt used them on me...yet lol.

  2. Not at all, once the soles were nicely worn down they were the perfect winter playground sliding shoes. Forget Rossingol or atomic (ski equipment manufacturers) these were the footwear to own. I birreled like a dervish!

  3. like doctor msrtens, monkey boots formed an integral part of british teen faashion in the 70s. monkey boots are an awesome fusion of the decorative (esp wine colored) with the functional

  4. I had 2 pairs almost exactly the same as the ones pictured. They were made by ZUCH, a Polish firm.
    Strange to think we were trading with the Eastern Bloc at the height of the Cold War! Great boots, though.