Saturday, 31 January 2009

ANGUS HOTEL #3 - 1980's

On the Angus Hotel reception desk they used to have a visitors book that guests would sign.
Being Dundee's top hotel for 3 decades meant that it did contain quite a few famous names. In there were the likes of Maggie Thatcher, David Bowie, the Queen, Peter Ustinov, Rod Stewart and so on, page after page.
In 1985, The Associates booked in for the night when they were in town for a gig at Fat Sams.
A while afterwards, I managed to get the page from the visitors book the band had signed that night. Amongst the signatures are - Steve Reid, Billy Mackenzie, Howard Hughes and Roberto Soave.
I also attended the Fatties gig too and I'm gonna give that a mention on Retro Dundee next. Stay tuned..!!
Incidentally, on the other side of the page was the signature of songstress, Susan Maughan. She had a couple of hit records back in the 60's (remember 'Bobby's Girl'), and she was performing at the Whitehall Theatre in April that year.

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  1. I did 6 weeks work experience on reception at the Angus Thistle in 1988 when I was 17. During that time the cast from a TV drama called Christabel were staying there. This included a very young Elizabeth Hurley who was a guest for several weeks. We also had Cynthia Payne stay who left us some photos of herself! I had a great 6 weeks working with everyone there.