Wednesday, 28 January 2009


The photo at the top is of inside The Other Record Shop in the Overgate and was taken in May 1984.
A wee look around the shop shows that there is still plenty of vinyl to be had. However, the ominous appearance of the CD rack (like a Dalek in the centre of the store) would later go on to almost exterminate vinyl from record shops.
Compact Discs started to compete with vinyl in 1982 and although rock & pop acts were a bit tentative to try using this format at first, it wasn't long before everybody released their material on CD. This in turn became especially lucrative for record companies who chose to re-issue their back catalogue which then had punters purchasing their entire record collection all over again!
It was now pretty much the beginning of the end for vinyl.
DJ's and serious record collectors have prevented vinyl being killed off completely though, becoming more of a specialist commodity nowadays. I for one opted to hang onto most of my vinyl collection, many of which were purchased from this very shop.
Underneath the top picture is a reminder of the stores carrier bag.

Photo by DC Thomson.Tints by GG.


  1. I think I'm a bit too young to remember this place, as I can't seem to picture a record shop in the old Overgate (apart from Grouchos) - does anyone know when it closed?

    Nice to see that the fire exit is blocked by a rack of t-shirts - Health & Safety was obviously still in its infancy back then - and do my eyes deceive me, or has some wag really put a "Fame" LP in the "Humour" section?

  2. Brilliant record shop ! I often wondered why it closed as it was long before the re-development. A good game to play is trying to place where the old shops were, as the bit where this shop used to be is still there now, only a bit more modern! I know... sad eh...
    Great site though. Keep up the good work.

  3. I used to buy all my 12" records there,100's of them ! and there used to be a stunning girl working there on a Saturday, quite small very pretty. Me and my mates used to go ask her if they had such and such record just so we could chat to her !! Never brave enough to ask her out ! those were the days !!