Tuesday, 20 January 2009


The brand new Craigie High assembly hall a couple of weeks before it opened in 1970. Soon after this photo was taken, I, along with the first ever batch of pupils to set foot in the school, nervously gathered in the hall to hear our names be called out to discover what class we were in. Arranged in alphabetical order.
Forward-wind to 1974 and again we gathered in the hall, for the last time, to sit our o-level exams. The balcony that lead to the music dept (top left of photo) had signs up on the doors at either end that read - "Silence. Exams in progress", and everyone had to tip-toe and be hushed at all times during o-levels.
A couple of quirkier moments I can recall were, they showed the film "Zulu" here, the Michael Caine one. The stage had a pull-down screen in-built and this was the only time I remember it being used. No idea now if the movie was part of class or an after class treat.
Another time, a Conservative candidate visited during elections and obviously kept banging on about the Tories, much to the boredom of the pupils. Eventually he finished his speech and asked the pupils if there were any questions. "What's your opinion of the Labour Party?" shouted a pupil. The guy was stumped! He couldn't think of anything to say, he fumbled about, coughed, spluttered then after a lengthy delay managed to blabber something, but by now we didn't hear much for laughter!
I also attended a gig here. All of the guys in the rock band were CHS pupils apart from the singer, who incidentally, was wearing Alice Cooper style make-up! I'm not 100% sure of the band's name now but "Pegasus" seems to ring a bell. Feel free to correct me on that.
Photo by DC Thomson.Tints by GG


  1. The drummer in Pegasus was Gordon (Cozie) McQuillan. He was the only CHS pupil in the band that I remember. They did play at CHS so you're memory is bang-on, I don't remember the singer being the make-up type, of course I could be wrong. Their "manager" was a guy called Gordon Massie and the "sound engineer" was a guy called Kipper, sorry, don't recall his real name, but he was CHS too. Gordon's drum roadie was a guy called Rab, I think he was from the Hilltoon.

  2. Thanks for the extra info Mike. I remember a couple of us went to Gordons house one lunchtime and he gave us a wee solo on his kit! I'm sure he next went on to be drummer in Colossus after Pegasus. Colossus got a support act spot at the Caird Hall I recall (possibly with Thin Lizzy?).
    I also think the band I saw play at CHS had John Muir on bass.
    Again, all rather blurry memories.

  3. John Muir! Yes you're right I forgot about him, he did play with Gordon for a spell. I left in 81 and only occasionally kept in touch with Gordon but I know he's still active in a band.

  4. I can remember Zulu being shown and also 300 Spartans.

    If I remember correctly the tory was either George Thompson or Sir Garnett Wilson.

    I remember Gordon McQuillan too, he was in my class.

  5. Wow, memories! I was in that very first intake too but just stayed a year. I was one of the few kids with an English accent which really stood out, so they called me Walter (from Oor Wullie). I recall Gordon McQ too as I played in the school brass band. The boss was George Scott and deputy Mr Murphy. There was this really old maths teacher named Mr Keith, Mr Sharp was (appropriately) the music head. PE was a real jack the lad named Donaldson

  6. Another PE bloke was Mr Lusbie who with his wife (a German and Geography teacher) became Ballroom dancing champions!!!!

  7. Pegasus were formed in 1974 by Willie Forrest( Ardler ) and Andy Butter( West Kirkton ) they met Gordon,John & Frank Murray who were at Craigie High. They done the coffee nights in the school and also rehearsed there as well.They also played local community centres and church discos
    and various youth clubs e.g 69 club( remember that ? )I have a pic of them rehearsing in the Marryat hall in 1975 before they played there. Willie( now a keyboard player ) and John can still be seen in the "Toon" with their bands Gordon still plays, not sure about the other two. Gordon Massie had some good photos of them, Rab the roadie was Willie/Andy's mate from West Kirkton.

  8. john muir and gordon mcquillen were definitely chs boys but frank murray was from morgan academy he was the lead singer, don,t remember him wearing make up tho.

  9. mrs Lusby was also known as "Hazel the Hun" i had her as my german teacher she was brilliant certainly one of the best teachers at chs at that time. There was also Mr Fleming the history teacher who was always talking about "coulies" his term for chinese at the time.There was also Mr O,rourke who liked to keep his belt under the shoulder of his robe.

  10. I was at Craigie 73 to 78. I remember Mr Fleming and Mr O'Rourque. Also Mr Grewar. Who was the music teacher who wore the bright orange lipstick painted on over the edges of her lips? And our class were much amused to enter Mr Sharp into the auditions for Opportunity Knocks.
    I don't remember seeing any bands at Craigie, but I remember Pegasus. A crew of us also used to go to the Northern Soul All-Nighters at the Marriat Hall.

  11. Pegasus- for your dance or disco!Alan Wilson ( chs) did a great poster for us which rather cruelly pointed out Doogy Jamiesons oncoming balder!
    We latterly drafted in a few other guys- the blogger who remembers Alice Cooper makeup is spot on- after a few furtive puffs of "herbal remedy" Dave Gillan and Frank Murray decided to give it the full Mary Quant! They also went for the Bowie/ Ronson guitar blowjob!
    We also ended up with a keyboard player called Ralph from mid craigie- he lasted one gig- firstly his mere appearance caused a riot at Douglas Community Centre gig- the Toddy could tolerate a bunch of chancers but someone fae Mid in their midst- get tae fuck!We were bundled out and Ralphs bontempi got smashed up.Secondly his bontempi was smashed up and we wouldn't contribute towards a replacement!
    I'd really like to see the photos of the marryat- I think I know who took them- Gordon Massie??n.Our would be manager a guy called Mccormack organized that gig - it was one of those secret gigs- no one was there!
    Rock n roll baby!!!
    By the way Frank Murray bought a freaking gold mill in Venezuala!He's still there and I have the odd communiqué from him.

  12. Would that be Ollie Wilson? He was a good laugh, and had an intersting taste in music. He also had very neat hand writing which is strange because he used to do his homework while listening to David Bowie albums! I was told he became some kind of Professor Brainiac in later years.
    That face caked with spooky make-up is an image etched in my mind! A sign of the glam times.
    Gordon didn't drum with Colossus by the way, he told me himself.

  13. I spotted Mr Sharp's name in the comments.
    If in the early 70's I could have written a report card about his work, it would have read..."Could do much much better".
    When you think of all the brilliant music we had tuned into during the 60's, then in 1970 when we get a brand new school with brand new equipment, sound-proof cubicles etc etc, we ended up being forced to sing absolutely awful meaningless choir tunes like "Men Of Harlech", "The British Grenadiers" and so on. Even now just recalling the lyrics "...Hector & Lysander..." brings bile to my system!! Absolute pitiful garbage. I loathed them so much I actually refused to sing them out loud in class and chose to "mime" the words instead, so when he looked over from behind his piano it seemed like I was singing along with the rest of the class!!!

    It really was a wasted opportunity though. We ought to have been given electric guitars, experiment with synthesisers and recording equipment and so on. So instead of taking music as an o'level subject, I just couldn't wait to get out of it!!
    What's the point of having a music teacher who is so out of touch with music that he ends up putting you off the subject??!!

  14. Mr O'Rourke couldn't have carried a belt under his gown because he never wore one. I once asked my drama teacher Mr Forbes why Mr O'Rourke never wore a gown like all the teachers and he said he'd like to know too.

  15. O'Rourke kept his belt either under his suit jacket or behind the blackboard!