Thursday, 15 January 2009


This advert for Nautilus in Perth Road goes back to 1981.
I didn't actually try the place out myself but I knew a couple of guys who were regulars.
From what they told me their evening's fitness routine went like this - go to gym for 1 hour then go to pub for 4 hours!


  1. Nautilus.....was that in the same spot as the old Willy Low's place...just up from the current Spar?

  2. Bridie; yes, Nautilus was where the old Willy Low's used to be during the 1970s. The new store was being built when my family moved away in late 1978, and I'm pretty sure that the gym opened not long afterwards.

    Haven't a clue what's there now though.

  3. Nautilus def where the spar is now and not where Wm Low was. I worked opposite Wm Low and although obv not Wm Low now, it still remains as a supermarket. Remember my boss at the time George Dunn going to the Nautilus in the 80s

  4. Some Random Guy21 June 2015 at 18:10

    @Anonymous; Maybe I should have been clearer. :-)

    Willy Low's originally had a branch where the Spar now stands (near the Sinderins). But that closed in the late 1970s when the "new" Willy Low's was built, and Nautilus moved in to the vacant space. So yes, Nautilus was where the Spar is now.

    You were thinking of the "new" Willy Low's- as you say, that's still going under a different name, Nisa's apparently.