Saturday, 17 January 2009

SLEAZ BAND - 60'S - 70'S

Dundee's Sleaz Band first started out by calling themselves "Rock Tonsils and the Sleaz Band" when they were on the same bill as Pink Floyd for a gig at Dundee Art College in 1968. Soon after that they opted for a simpler version - Sleaz Band - and a rather lively few years in rock music began.
As their reputation grew, they gigged extensively with top acts such as Deep Purple - Fleetwood Mac - T.Rex - David Bowie - Slade - Thin Lizzy to name just a few of a very impressive gig list.
They have also recorded. An album was in the pipeline but unfortunately it never saw the light of day. A single, however, was released in June 1974, with the band line-up at this stage consisting of Phil Robertson, Jim Kelly, Clark Robertson & Robbie Stewart, although the personnel did change from time to time.
The band eventually called it a day in the late 70's.
Along with the ad above, I have included a typical gig schedule they would have for the local circuit, this one being from July 1972.
For a more thorough overview of the Sleaz Band I recommend the page written by Phil himself on the Rocking Scots website containing lots of photos and memorabilia.
Here is the link -
For a wee reminder of their sound, here below is the b-side of their '74 single, a track called "Midnight Man", a tidy little slice of rock, produced by Terry Noon for the Fontana label and clocking in at just 1min 50 secs, shorter than the average punk record!


  1. Frank Kosiba (drummer, and pre-glorious 'tache) was my economics teacher at Carnoustie High School fifteen years ago.

  2. Midnight Man was played at a much slower and bluesy tempo by the original band.

    Maybe it would have lasted a bit longer on the single!

  3. Now I seem to recall that Clark and Phil were in a band called the Renegades circa 1966

  4. Jim Kelly was an almost permanent fixture at the Windmill Bar in the late 1970s.

    A great guitarist and sadly missed.

  5. Im trying to get in touch with Clark & Phil Robertson. My name is John Austin from AArons Rod disco in Glasgow . I have some cassette recordings that i made at the Watermill Hotel in Paisley that i want to put onto CD and give to them.Can anyone give me a contact tel Number for either of them?

  6. John, I think Phil's email address used to be '' you could try that but I'm not sure he still uses it.

  7. Hi

    I have a 20 track 69-74 demo anthology of the Sleaz band if anyone wants a copy to rock out to then email at Aye Angus

  8. He was my secretarial studies teacher at Carnoustie High in the early 80’s