Friday, 11 February 2011


Hot diggity dang, those rootin tootin country & western critters, The Raunchy Guys, are on the loose again - go get the Sheriff!
Since their last escapade, progress has been made unmasking 2 of the posse, with these recently discovered pictures above.
The top one is Bullet Fritter Snakebelt, who also uses the alias, Jim Low.
Here you can see him in the process of mapping out one of the Raunchy Guys lily-livered exploits.
At the time, he was in one of the hideouts the gang used in the early 80's, located in Court Street and belonging to cohort, Stompin Hoss.
Which brings me to the 2nd photo - it's none other than Stompin Hoss himself in one of his many cunning disguises. Also known as Gordon Walker, Fanta, Cresta to name just a few, Stompin Hoss is pictured here at yet another of the gangs hideaways, a shack owned by The Bear.
The identity of his accomplice in shot is known to be Gwen Margetson.
Visible on the wall is more damning evidence, an actual original Raunchy Guys tablature.
So, along with The Bear aka Joe Jordan and Big Musket Teepee aka Al Hendrickx, here's a reminder of what The Raunchy Guys get up to when let loose on us music loving, law abiding citizens down at OK Dundee, an undertaking they code-named "Hoss Prison Blues", the content of which quite clearly mocks authority and the entire judicial system.
The sooner these desperados are rounded up, the better.
But before that, time for a bit of line-dancing before the Sheriff gets here..!!


  1. You can't keep a good bad down. Cheers for the second helping of RGs.

  2. Jeng looks alot like my uncle Jimmy Veech,he was also an Elvis Conventionalist&liked the horseys.

  3. I think he looks a bit like Nick Cave!
    Really like the early 60's guitar sound on this track, wonder what gear he used to recreate it. I can almost imagine a Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster for the job!

  4. it was a custom built geetar, through a fender twin reverb

  5. They turned up at mu birthday party wearing pee soaked raincoats,sombreros,fake ZZTop beards fulla cheesey wotsits&Wullie Lows bags fulla snow wi a couple of empty beercans plonked on top expecting to get in...they weaseled thier way in pestered&bored my girlfriends with Elvis statistics then all went to the toilet t'gether&emerged drenched in each others pee...creeps.

  6. it was freezin, wintertime an i was steamin, what aboot her daft hat? i'd been workin, i know cos i've still got thon silk tie i'm wearin in the fotie

  7. Tenuous best pal's former flatmate was Ali Hendrikx.

  8. They were just daft but shit hot live.

  9. bridie who did hendo share a flat with? I always thought he stayed in his mums in king st, till cresta murdered him and mutilated his festering corpse or was that just a dream?
    brian mcfee

  10. Fez Hendrickx, shared with THE GOLDEN FAWN, Danny MacAfee, King O Rock

  11. This band created ART still vital&relevant today...what I would pay to see a reunion of the boys but with the adition of Jimmy Veitch on drums.

  12. This is great. It's like playing a game of 'Fantasy Pop Group'. Would love to see a Raunchy Guys reunion myself. I wonder if Jim could still fit into the Woah pants. Probably a wee bit snug now. I bet the Firm Colt helmet still fits like a glove, though. Get Danny Blair to manage them.

  13. it's the guitar riff from folsom prison!