Saturday, 28 February 2009


Here's a quirky item of Dundee music trivia from the 70's that may get a few locals scratching their head!
Around 1970 Dundee band, Thynglechime, appeared on TV talent show "Opportunity Knocks", hosted by Hughie Green.
At the time, my cousin was drummer in The Jacques who was one of the other bands who took part in the auditions for the local heat.
Thynglechime won the Dundee contest though and made it onto the show. Not only that but they actually went on to win the TV show 2 weeks on the trot.
However, performing on national television in front of millions doesn't appear to have done their career much good because I put THYNGLECHIME into Google search and got absolutely nothing!
So if any of you knowledgeable Dundonians can fill in a few details on this mystery band with the groovy name, feel free to pass on the any info you have into the comments.
Then a little later in the 70's, it was the turn of local outfit, Tivvy, to make an appearance on the show.
Again I have no info on this band or information as to how they did on the night - so over to you to fill in the details.


  1. I think you'll find that is a Googlewhack!

  2. Ref heid the ba:
    Lead-guitarist/vocalist wis Brian Reid,on keyboards wis Alan Mackay, drummer wis Mick Petrie(last-minute stand-in for Dek Broon,wha widna fork-oot £40 for a salmon-pink suit,for ane gig!),rhythmn-guitarist was Alan McGochie,and no, thae didna become"The Average White Band"-in fact shortly after their TV debut, thae split and went their separate ways!

  3. Great to get the lowdown on the band at long last. Many thanks. GG

  4. The Drummer in Thynglechyme was Mick Rafferty all the way from Stockton who later ran the Windmill bar on the Hilltown famous for late jam sessions with Brian Reid , Willie Hastie and many more. they also did BBC Radio Scotland a few times and played a lot in England

  5. Correct about the windmill.....carried brian home many a time...

  6. I never paid £40 for a pink suit. Smarty gave me it :)I got to Dundee on the train and promptly drank Ready etc under the table in a local hotel. It was an innitiation competition....they lost LOL

  7. Good to see more info on this one.
    Is Thynglechyme (with a Y) the correct spelling?
    Also, if anyone has any photos or audios of the band, you know where to send them! Cheers GG

  8. Great to read about my old mate and business partner in mic joinery mic Rafferty.i have tried without success to get in touch with mic
    if any one reads this who knows mic could they please bring it to his notice
    Bruce Ogilvie.

  9. Thynglchyme, I think that's how we spelled it, consisted of Brian Reed (guitar), Alan McGauchie, (now King), (guitar), Mick Rafferty, (drums), previously, Derek Brown, and Allan McKay, (keyboards). Unfortunately, bad management and personal issues within the band saw it's demise within a few months of the 3 shows in May-June 1971.

    Alan King, easier than McGauchie, made a very successful career with a shipping line, and now lives in Hawaii, while Brian, still plays guitar and has his own engineering business in Dundee. Unfortunately, we believe that Mick is no longer with us, and Allan, (me), made a playing career with "The bad pennies", and later "Ringer".