Sunday, 1 March 2009


Before the Tay Road Bridge was built, Dundonians used the "Fifie" to cross the river. This ferry service was for passengers as well as vehicles and it took you to Newport.
The day the bridge opened was the day the Fifie crossings stopped. That was on the 18th August 1966. The above photo of the Fifie with its flags up was taken on the 18th, the final day of the ferry service.
I can remember being on the Fifie only once. That would have been around 1963/64 when I was about 6. Can't recall much of the trip other than the image of the boat moving away from the pier.
To bring back those memories into a clearer image, here below is a wee video that contains film footage of the boats in action.
Photo by the Scotsman.Tints by GG


  1. I cant remember 'the fifie' myself as I was only 4 when in ceased but I do remember an article in the Tully a few years back saying it was now in a Ship graveyard in Malta or somewhere like that!

  2. Absolutely brilliant, remember this well, in the summer we used to take the trip and walk up to Windmill park, Newport for picnics.

    1. Have just come back from Fife having spent a fruitless hour or so looking for Windmill Park. Couldn't remember if it was Newport, Tayport or Wormit and not one of the Fifers we asked had even heard of it, until we spied an elderly gentleman standing at a bus stop. He did remember it (eureka!) but said it didn't really exist any longer. It used to be Newport's recreational ground. We didn't actually go looking for it as he said their was no access by car but by a footpath. My husband had done all his walking for the day, his arthritic knee was giving him gip, so We thought we'd better give it a miss. But it's going to be one of the things I do as I too had great times there, crossing on the Fifie and having a picnic in Windmill Park. I was so glad I was proved right as my husband said I must have dreamed it!