Monday, 16 March 2009


The Swanny Ponds was about half an hours walk away from where we lived, so when we went there it seemed more like a days outing than a visit to the local park. This would have been the 60's when primary school age.
Did the obvious things like fishing for sticklebacks using a long cane net. Went on the rowing boats that sometimes turned into "water dodgems", usually by accident! I can't recall any paddling looking back now, but I certainly remember on a couple of occasions boys pushing their mates in the water for a lark!
One time, when I was passing on the 13 bus, I saw a group of 4 school kids push a female into the pond. Not one of their mates though, it was a mature woman in her 30's I'd guess. No idea what that was about, but I remember being more shocked than amused. Maybe it was a truant officer..!!
By the way, it looks like Mr.Whippy in the background of the image.
Photo by DC Thomson.Tints by GG.


  1. good picture mate, i do notice that this is the bottom pond,the one used to sail model ships and small motor boats off the wee wooded jetty in the corner,the boats must heve been transfered after this to the top pond where the swans "bided" and they introduced "hi tech" plastic foot paddlers :) don't mention the putting ;-)

  2. I used to come here often on a sunday. I remember we were warned not to go near the swans ,as they could break your arm with their wings.I wonder how many people were told this old wives tale when growing up
    There was a reservoir next to the ponds that looked like a castle.

  3. i've worked in A&E for 20 years and have yet to deal with an arm broken by a swan !! have been spat on by a goose tho :)

  4. There was also a great putting green near by.