Friday, 13 March 2009


Saxophonists, Roger Ball & Molly Duncan, were known as the "Dundee Horns" before they went on to become part of the Average White Band in 1972.
This wasn't an act in their own right, so to speak, more of an outfit for session work.
Before their Dundee Horns tag, Roger & Molly played in a Dundee Art College band together in the late 60's, a jazzy prog rock outfit called Spontaneous Combustion.
The Dundee Horns term was actually coined by Scottish rock singer, Maggie Bell, and the duo have been involved in a number of recordings during their pre AWB days.
One such recording was with a group of well known folk-rockers who got together and called themselves The Bunch, and they released one album titled "Rock On" in 1972.
The Dundee Horns were also part of Island Studio's in-house band in London and guested on various records, one example being the hit single by Johnny Nash called "I Can See Clearly Now" also in 1972.
Even in 1973 when they were established in AWB, they were still called upon to do the backing on Bryan Ferry's debut solo album "These Foolish Things".
Anyway, another pre AWB record the Dundee Horns took part in is the one featured here, a band of jazzy prog-rockers called Mogul Thrash. They brought out a single in 1970 called "Sleeping In The Kitchen" and then released an album the year after. They did a couple of BBC sessions too, with the one on display above, shared with Medicine Head, broadcast on 24 April 1971. In the band was John Wetton, more known for King Crimson. Brian Auger produced the Mogul Thrash recordings. His own band incidentally, Brian Auger's Oblivion Express, had Dundee drummer Robbie McIntosh in it, and of course, Robbie got together with the Dundee Horns to become Average White Band. Which is a nice little note to end on.
So, here below is Mogul Thrash with their single, "Sleeping In The Kitchen".


  1. First time I've ever heard this track absolutely brilliant one. Did a check online and came across a copy £25 in excellent condition. I love hearing some of this information about the old Dundee musicians, bands etc on Retro Dundee. When involved in a radio RSL I always wanted to do a show on the old Dundee bands and musicians, but trying to get hold of some of the music and information was proving quite difficult. With many of the vinyl records very costly. But great to hear this stuff here and read about the information.

  2. I agree, am totally loving all the old tunes from bands back in the day. Maybe if you have time you should try to put up EVERY Dundee band that released a 7" single but only 70's and 80's and only one 7" per band kinda thing? Maybe too much work. Great hearing it all, thanks for that!

  3. The picture of the band also shows trumpet player Mike Rosen,an American who often played on Dundee Horns sessions and was an early member of AWB until they started recording.He was replaced by Hamish Stuart which changed the sound and the rest is,as they say,history.