Thursday, 5 March 2009


In 1972, Michelin opened up their tyre factory in Baldovie Road.
In 1983, the date of the above ad, they were specialising in MX tyres, then went on to the more advanced TDX-E tyre.
I remember at school in the early 70's there was a joke going about that went went a little something like this - "What's another name for a tyre factory?"...answer - "a rubber plant"
Around the time of the corny joke, George Galloway (the MP) worked at the Dundee Michelin plant, which is also when the short film clip below was taken (1974). It shows the main gatehouse area.
The factory is still at the same spot today. You can't miss it actually as it now runs on wind turbine power and the blades can be seen from quite a distance.

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