Monday, 2 March 2009


Another one of my Caird Hall ticket stubs, this time from 31 years ago this very night.
Eddie & the Hot Rods cropped up on the scene around the time punk was surfacing and so they kinda got chucked in with them. Their brand of rock-pop was fast & energetic, but they were more of a no nonsense rock band, than punks. Having said that, their 1977 hit single "Do Anything You Wanna Do" did sound like a record The Jam could have made, so they were pretty close to producing punk music. There was some pogo-ing near the stage when they were on, I recall.
2 support bands on the night.
Radio Stars leaned more towards a new wave/pop sound. They had done John Peel sessions by this time but they hadn't really cracked the charts in a big way. They always seemed to be just bubbling under the current scene without bursting through, a bit like their position on the bill.
Squeeze were the other band performing on stage. This was around the start of their pop career, and out of the 3 acts on stage, they were the ones who went onto be most successful. They hadn't released many records up to then but their excellent single "Take Me I'm Yours" was the one that everyone in the crowd knew. Jools Holland used to smoke large cigars while playing his keyboards back then. He also always stood up to play keyboards, not like nowadays, sitting down all the time. It's only a matter of time before he switches from cigar to pipe!! Only joking!!
Anyway, a pretty good value evening, working out at 50p per band!!
The other item is a full page ad from a 1978 NME that contains the tour dates.
And as far as I am aware, all 3 acts are still gigging today.


  1. My mates and I were there too, did Andy ???? from Radio Stars not climb the speaker stack and fall on his arse? I remember standing outside the Caird Hall and "Eddie" signing autographs for us.

  2. i was at the concert to - it was fab - radio stars stole the show and andy did climb the speakers and ran across the backs of the chairs

  3. Just saw this while browsing your excellent site. Remember it well, and was my first ever gig. Lucky enough to meet Jools on the set at Later a few years ago, told him this was my first gig. He remembered it well, said he was in the Queens Hotel at the top and there was an old janny there like the boy on Dad's Army...we're doomed!

  4. I still have my programme from this gig.... brilliant times, saw Eddie and the Hotrods and Radio Stars at the 100 club in London earlier this year..... they are still brilliant.