Sunday, 8 March 2009


Hailing from Broughty Ferry, Peter Lorimer's schooldays were spent at Stobswell, and needless to say, he played football for the Stobbie too. He was so good, it wasn't long before he was playing for Dundee Schoolboys and the big name teams came looking for him. He ended up signing for Leeds United. In fact he was thrown straight into the deep end as he actually played in Leeds full team when he was just 15. He also played for Scotland, and is now a Leeds (and Scottish) "Legend".
I can remember watchng him on tv a lot. He had a helluva shot and banged in loads of goals from long range.
Going back to his schooldays, Stobbie were playing Linlathen at Caird Park one time - Peter took a free kick from 20 yards out and broke the keepers fingers!!
He has played at Dens Park, not for Dundee but against. He was in the Leeds team that Dundee met in the Fairs Cup semi final in May 1968. That was a 1-1 draw but Leeds progressed to win the trophy.
There was also a Testimonial at Dens in April 1978 featuring the Peter Lorimer XI. The XI winning it 3-2.
There's no doubt about it, Leeds were a fantastic team back in the late 60's & early 70's and here below is Peter (#7) getting a hat-trick in the Leeds demolition of Southampton in 1972.
Incidentally, ex Dee, Jim Steele, is playing for the Saints in this and can be seen wandering around in a daze!


  1. The Leeds team of that era were fantastic. That particular clip was like watching a football equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters! I`ve spotted Peter Lorimer in Broughty Ferry a couple of times fairly recently. I don`t know though if that was as a resident or a visitor.

  2. I think Peter has / had a bar in Leeds that was a big hit with the L.U.F.C. fans. He is a legend to fans from a certain era in that City.

  3. i remember going to his mum's house in Douglas to see his trophy's!!! she stayed in Baluniefield Road.

  4. I played in the game before his testimonial at Dens Park in 78 for Downfield Boys U12s v Oulton & Woodlesford from Leeds, we won 4-1 if memory serves me.

  5. As a schoolboy myself at the time, I remember reading in the "Tully" that 15-year old schoolboy Peter Lorimer had signed for Leeds. I believe his address was in Linlathen ? not Broughty Ferry.
    As a football fan, I saw him rise to the heights he did and never forgot reading about his signing.

  6. I played in that match as well,we traveled up by train courtesy of Waddingtons games in LEEDS

  7. Bilindsay@talktalk.net19 December 2013 at 11:51

    When I worked as the beach rescue at Broughty Ferry this young boy asked me to keep the goal wile he kicked the ball very hard at me. He told me later he was going down south to have a trial with Leeds ,the rest is history!

  8. Peter & I were in the same class at the Stobbie, Playing against him one sports period at Caird park, I foolishly took up a position on the 12yd line when he took a corner. rather than put the ball over my "one man line" he somehow tried to put it thro my face ! ! it took a few minutes and the help of our teacher before I was able to return to the real world.