Monday, 9 March 2009


This photo of Tannadice Street was taken in 1970. It has changed a wee bit since then. Gussie Park carnival would have been there, as well as the Angus Jute Works, and obviously the other 2 "Parks", Tannadice and Dens, have now become Stadiums.
I reckon if they moved the cars out of the way, this would be the ultimate spot for Dundee kids to play Kerby! A backdrop like that would surely inspire a few good throws to get those "half-roadies".
Stats show that Dundee FC and United were eeksie-peeksie around this time.
The 1969/70 season had United finish in 5th position on 38 points and Dundee in 6th with 36 points.
The 1970/71 season saw Dundee finish 5th on 38 points and United in 6th spot with 36 points.
The cool piece of film below was taken a year or so earlier and shows the comings & goings at Tannadice on match day.


  1. I live very near Tannadice so pass it and Dens Park when out for a walk. Must admit looking at that picture of Dens it has never changed at the main stand, but my son has commented about a huge crack in the wall on the Dens Road side with very rusty gates.

    Very interesting old footage of Tannadice though takes me back to when I was kid. I still remember the days we could change ends at half time or the transfer to stand fee. Not forgetting the old Social club in the stand along with the souvenir shop in the stand.

    Massive changes at Tannadice since then with the ground looking superb now, can't believe the changes to now with looking at that film.

  2. If there was a now & then photo to compare, the only obvious difference almost 40 years on, would be the cars! That said, i`m quite pleased that so little has changed aesthetically, with the exterior of the main stand at Dens, retaining it`s character and memories. I don`t think the appearance of Tannanadice`s main stand has changed too much either over the years.