Tuesday, 31 March 2009


This was the play park we went to as kids in the 60's. It was in Kemnay Gardens opposite Crathie Place. It was a regular stop-off for us on our way to and from Balerno Primary School. We actually just referred to the whole area as "The Swings" but it also had a chute, 2 sets of swings, 2 roundabouts, a climbing frame and these monkey bars, above.
I had an accident on these very monkey bars around 1966. You know those somersaults kids do where you'd climb to the very top, lie on your belly grabbing the outer frame and birl around until you end up dangling - a move I'd done dozens of times before - well on this one occasion, I lost my grip, fell flat on my face and burst my nose! I ended up being taken home by the Parkie, surrounded by about 20 kids and my shirt covered in blood. I was rushed up to DRI for a check-up but there was nothing broken. Came back with a topper of a swollen nose and a couple of keekers. That'll teach me to show aff! Did get a few days off school mind you.
The Parkie's door in the photo was designed like a stable door, an upper half and a lower half. He would usually have the upper half open and lean on the closed lower half to keep an eye on things.
The shelter in the picture we'd use when it rained and played 2 touch, headers, truth-dare and so on.
The above image was taken in the 80's, and by the 90's, using the current method of creative thinking, turned the whole area into a car park.
Photo by DC Thomson.Tints by GG


  1. "sweengs" surely ?

  2. I remember going to this park on occasions as a kid. The others in the area that also stick out in my mind is Douglasfield Park, especially when the adventure playground was there behind the BOC at the top of the park. Also the one behinf the old Lea Rig pub and the one off Ballindean Road which is still there and known as the ABC park these days I believe.

  3. I used to play football with my mates in the early/mid 80s at Douglasfield Park (or the "Ventchi Park as we knew it), afternoon & night, day after day in all weathers. Anything from 4 a sides, to 15 a sides!
    I don`t recall anyone ever getting injured. It must have been before cruciates & metatarsals were invented!
    Prior to this, in my pre teen days, i had many a kickabout at the Craigie Play Park. The choice of games on offer were "World Cup" with the pavillion being the goal, a game of "German Haiders" (although i can`t quite recall the rules to this), in the actual pavillion itself, or a full scale game on the grassy area.
    Great days!

  4. In the 60s & 70s they had a "NO FOOTBALL" sign stuck in the middle of the grassy area. We ended up using it as a goalpost!!

  5. The Chute was that dangerous it had to be chained at night !!! mind oh that