Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Although this is a fairly recent photo, the period I drank there would be the late 70's and early 80's.
It's a pub that had 4 names, the real name being The Breadalbane, but locals referred to it as the Bread, the Bothy or the Howff. Take your pick. My mob favoured the Bothy tag.
I lived quite near to it back then so it was a place I used to go to quite a lot, but usually more midweek than weekends.
It had a bit of a reputation for being a hippy hangout, and I suppose there was an element of truth in that. I do recall it had the likes of Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton on the jukebox. Although it was a more mature crowd than you'd find in the city centre pubs, I always found it a really cheery place. In fact the humour veered towards satire most times. Politics and topical issues were discussed and mocked in equal measure. You would often see a copy of Private Eye magazine lying beside the Morning Star newspaper. That summed it up.
Downstairs had a cosy main bar area and a back room which was used for smokers frequently. Upstairs was a large lounge. This was the area live music was performed in. Sometimes organised, sometimes unplanned. If some regulars brought in their instruments, that would often trigger an improvised session, whether it be folk or rock. Local musicians Michael Marra and Peter McGlone were regular visitors.
It was probably the nearest I got to having "a local".
Oh yeah, and despite the fact that The Howff Restaurant was next door, the peh's & beans and the toasties in the Bothy were so scrumptious, I didn't need to visit it!
As is the way these days, the building is one the demolition team have since visited and so it is no longer on the go.


  1. Whoah, yet another pub I used to drink in as a student at Abertay. Indeed, the main Abertay building is virtually next door (To the bottom right of the pub was/is the main car park for lecturers, and also the department where I did my accountancy degree - I think that might be some of the department's windows poking through on the right, although I'm probably wrong), so it was very handy for popping into before heading home, or at lunchtime for typical student pub grub - chips!

  2. Re the live music upstairs. There was a band who regulary played around the late 70's and early 80's called (I think) The Spies, I do remember seeing them there and at the Tayside Bar. The story went that one of them used to be in some Austrialian soap series (The Adersons or something). Anybody have a clue?

  3. In the Sixties we had a 5oclock club with the founder members now on their pensions!The guys were Alec Terry Dave Chris Sandy Ronnie and was soonto be many members along with Jimmy the landlord!We progressed to the Lounge later and became alarge collection of guys with Colin Scottalways holding court. Great Times Great Guys.