Saturday, 4 July 2009


In June 1967, this groovy boutique called "Scene One", opened up in the newly built Overgate.
In fact, well known pop musician, Allan Clarke of The Hollies, got the honour of launching it.
It wasn't only a clothing boutique, it was also a bistrotek, so not only did it stock all the latest fab gear from London's Carnaby Street (Mary Quant, Lady Jane etc) they also had a room with a disco and where bands played.
And if all that shopping and dancing made you feel peckish, they served food too!
One of the female assistants (Helen) wore an eye-catching purple catsuit!
A great idea - all this happening under one roof, keeping in touch with the 60's scene at the time, but unfortunately Scene One closed down in less than a year.
The ad on display above is dated September 1967 and give it a click if you need to view the large version.

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