Sunday, 5 July 2009


Here's an interesting gig that took place in Dundee back in the psychedelic 60's.
The venue was Dundee College Of Art.
The date was 12 December 1968.
The occasion was the students Christmas Revels Ball.
Each year, students decked the hall during the festive period, and in '68 the "theme" was the medieval surreal art of Hieronymus Bosch.
The entire hall was covered with replications of his artwork, topped off with a stage set that featured one of his creatures with a giant mouth.
The bands played in its mouth!
Not only were the students in fancy dress, they also supplied the projector light show - these well known multi-coloured displays of moving liquid patterns.
Top of the bill was none other than Pink Floyd, who were starting to become a major draw by this time, even although main man, Syd Barrett, had left the group by then.
Other bands playing on the night were, Spontaneous Combustion, Gethsemane, Rock Tonsils & The Sleaz Band and Sleepy People.
The above image is my own wee arty recreation of what the stage set may have looked like!


  1. I remember the night well, I was a Fine Art student at the time. I wore a bowler hat decorated with flickering fairy lights. 'Recreationals' arrived from Edinburgh in the nick of time.

  2. Gethsemane featured Martin Barre,later the lead guitarist of Jethro Full, who mentions this gig on his website and confirms that Dave Gilmour, Floyd's new guitarist, played here.