Monday, 6 July 2009


The Wilderness Children, fae Mid Craigie, released this vinyl EP in 1988. It's titled "We're A Council House Punk Rock Band" and it has 3 tracks - "Mrs Susan Spence" - "Go To Hell" and "Midsummer's Night Dream".
The band line-up, albeit only on first name terms, is Fraser, guitar - Andrea, vocals - Peter, guitar - Mike, bass - Phil, drums and Pete, visuals.
I do know that Fraser & Andrea Reid were married.
The EP, using the DIY punk approach, apparently only cost £63 to record and the band literature goes on to say "If we can do it, so can you. Get off your arse and do something", which is pretty sound advice.
It also states on the cover "Pay as little as possible".
The sample I have chosen below, is a tasty wee indie tune for July called "Midsummer's Night Dream".


  1. Peter is Peter Moug, who later recorded solo as Yul Peter and was, for a time, my landlord. Lovely bloke. Was doing a Phd in politics at the time, and now appears to be working at Sheffield University.

    I think the Mike may be Mike Kane, later of the Gerils. He works at the Rep Theatre.

  2. The Mike is indeed my old pal Mike Kane, ex of Flux, Vex, Aaga and Gerils.

  3. Get off you're arse and quote Johnny Rotten, very original.

  4. google the quote 3,250 hits !,Fraser actually meant it and was not copying Rotten , Strummer was his hero, what the fuck is wrong with some people that you criticise a young band who spent there own money to record a single , photocopy and fold all the sleeves and sell for no profit! Jesus !!
    if you look at history , no one is original , every subculture movement has an influence.
    if you think Rotten was original your are sadly mistaken.