Monday, 6 July 2009


Just thought I'd put this insert that came with the EP up on view to accompany the previous item. It has band photos, bits of info and lyrics.
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  1. I remember buying this from Grouchos!

    I was at college with Fraser briefly in the late 80s, I remember he was the first person to introduce me to poppers! This was at a gig by The Cateran at the Northern College Students Union, again late 80s.

    The band I was in at the time, developed a bit of a feud, albeit one way, with the Wilderness Children. We had a gig at Bar Chevrolet during the week, and the week before we all went out fly-posting around the city centre. The next morning we went back to all the locations to see our handiwork, only to find that the Wilderness Children had pasted their posters over the top of ours! So, Wednesday comes and our singer exclaims from the stage that the Wilderness Children were a bunch of wankers for covering up our posters and if any of them (or if anyone knew them) were in the audience we’d kick their heads in!!!

    Now, at that time I was aware of Mike Kane and co and I knew they had a reputation for taking no shit! This was the worst thing that our singer could have done… he was soon dispatched from the lineup!

    I now am good friends with Mike and we have a laugh about this, although he was unaware of the fly posting incident and admitted it was a genuine mistake!

    I like the sentiments of the slogans on the insert… a big Fuck off to the Ford Motor co and the TGWU and Dave Cowan! Dave Cowan was the RockTalk writer at the Courier at the time, he now works for STV and can be seen reporting on North Tonight etc… Peter Moug was the original bass player in the Wildhouse. I’m sure the Wilderness Children released another single after this one.

  2. Not sure if I recorded this EP or if this was the one after that - I certainly don't remember getting £63 for it, that would've been over a month's paper round wages for me back then! I remember taking my trusty Fostex X15 four track recorder upto Fraser and Andrea's in Mid Craigie and recording/overdubbing 3 or 4 shambling indie songs in a very nervous and strained atmosphere, was one of the first things I recorded, certainly not one of my best recordings, would be interesting to hear it again.