Monday 13 July 2009


You'll all remember these paper fortune tellers from your school days. Place your index fingers and thumbs underneath the 4 segments then flip back & forwards.
Here's a reminder of the sequence involved -
FT OPERATOR "Pick a colour"
FT OPERATOR "Pick a number"
CLIENT "Three"
FT OPERATOR "Pick another number"
CLIENT "Eight"
FT OPERATOR lifts flap and reads out what is written underneath the number 8 segment.
At primary school in the 60's we usually had silly things written like "You fancy the teacher" or something. In secondary in the 70's it was the same kind of thing...only X-Rated.!!


  1. What a blast… I showed this to my Asian partner and she said they had the same thing at primary school in Hong Kong so she made one up. They use the symbols for North South East and West and it looks a bit more legitimate than ours at fortune telling with Cantonese characters…LOL

  2. We used to spend hours making these thing, they were a lot of fun. In secondary school I remember every time we got on the bus we counted the numbers on the ticket did some multiplication and division and came up with all kinds of stuff, how old you would be when you married, how many kids.....crazy huh! I would love to leave my name but it wont let me...YvonneJ

    I love your website!

  3. My mate's maw showed us how to make one when we were kids. My mate was a big Gary Numan fan (hey, it was the late 70s) so his maw put in one of the flaps: "You love NEWMAN". He wisnae best pleased!

  4. Thanks for this! I was trying to remember the sequence so I could show my daughter. Brings back such memories!

  5. Love your shot of this classic little creation - have used it to refer to the things over at Striking Keys with a link from it to you to say, "Thanks!". Let me know if you want it pulled. Great post!