Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Here's 2 examples of neck-wear I used to have as a primary school kid back in the 60's.
The top one is of course, my old Balerno school tie.
I remember 3 variants that used the black & yellow stripes theme - the one above, then a black version of it with thin yellow diagonal stripes, and there was also a chunky horizontal striped version, resembling a bumble bee!
The other item, a Paisley pattern cravat, I didn't wear at school, this was only for after school hours and weekends.
I felt like a pop star with it on at the time because many of the groups on Top Of The Pops wore them!
You had the choice to wear it tucked into your open necked shirt, or have it dangling out as a scarf, like the 60's Mods did!

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  1. Jesus i havna seen that tie in years i went there in 1980-1983 then moved to west march, still have some mates from that school tho.