Wednesday, 8 July 2009


This shot of the woodwork room at Craigie High School was taken in 1970, just before it opened it's doors for the first time, and being in with the first batch of CHS pupils in 1970, we got to try out all this brand new equipment before anyone else.
Some of the things I can remember making were - a pendant (with leather strap) - ornamental knife - cheeseboard (with formica surface) - tea tray - football rattle (tried out at Dens) - and a submarine. The submarine actually worked. It was painted grey, had a strong elastic attached to the propeller and it did indeed zoom under water!
I ended up ditching woodwork though to concentrate on Technical Drawing when the time came to choose our subjects for O'Levels.
The 2 main teachers for woodwork in my era were Mr Blyth and Mr Milne. Mr Milne's wife was also a teacher at CHS during this period, in the Science dept.
In 1974, some CHS bright spark came up with the idea of making their own electric guitar!!
Photo by DC Thomson.Tints by GG


  1. I was about to post how good it was to see this classroom again, and the wonderful memories. How i can recall standing at the turning lathe towards the top of the photo and making the fruit bowl that my mum still has. The laughs i had with my classmates...then i remembered about Mr Milne`s belt!!

  2. I remember David Wilkinson flinging a chisel across the room just missing one boys' head.

  3. Ah tecky , the sawdust , the sharp tools , the teachers who seemed to be that wee bit more ordinary than the rest of the staff and who would belt the beejesus out of you if you blunted a chisel

  4. Techy was one of these subjects you could get out early to be first in the lunch queue. Music was good too for that (just upstairs from the canteen), PE was just across the playground, and art wasn't bad.
    I was rotten at techy. We had woodwork, metalwork and techy drawing in 1st and 2nd year, then I gave it up.

  5. I seem to remember Mr Young from the technical department or am I thinking he was in another department? Always remember him as a fantastic teacher at CHS, another name that just sprung off the top of my head is Mr Gauld I think he was from the geography or history departments.

  6. I remember Mr Fleming - scary dude but could be pretty funny at times. Basically he was OK if you didn't step out of line but when you did...

    Other Techie teachers were Mr Munro and Mr Mudie who also ran the school photography club along with Mr Alexander the technician.

  7. I certainly remember the technician! I think her name was June. As for the teacher... The science teachers I can remember are:

    Mr French, Miss Campbell, Mr Oakley, Mr Batchelor, Mr Smith and Mr Jolly (who was anything but!)

    I can remember the silver haired teacher with the belt. I seem to remember he had a reputation for "confiscating" things such as good quality pens and calculators.

    As for other teachers (it's all coming back now)

    Art: Mr Higgins, Mr Cord, Mr Jack, Mr McNeil

    English: Mr O'Neil, Mrs Deans, Mr McKinney

    Maths: Mr Evans, Mr Keith, Mr Brindle, Mr Mazumbder

    Modern Studies/ History: Mr Mallett, Mrs Lusby, Mrs McEachin

    Geography: Mr Anderson (Jason King Look-a-Like if I remember correctly.)

  8. Another ex-Craigie person here, 1983-1989. Hopeless at tech, but I remember Mr. Milne was a regular at the ice rink, one of the leaders of the speed skating club.

  9. Does anyone remember Mr Norrie at woodwork, he took us on a school trip to Interlaken in 74. Always respected the man, great teacher.

  10. I was in that first intake in 1970 too. I was called 'Walter' as I had an English accent, boy was that tough in those days!