Saturday, 11 July 2009


Before Simple Minds played their December Caird Hall show, a few months earlier some members of the band, along with Lenny Love, were in town to catch a gig down at the Tayside Bar. The act we were all there to see was Hey! Elastica, the trash-pop new wave outfit from Edinburgh.
You can read all about this gig, and 3 others that took place around the same time (mid '82) in the above review page out of Cranked Up.
Starting at the top it's...
Junkies at The Windmill.
Junkies at Dundee University.
Hey! Elastica at Tayside Bar.
Little Wolves at Tayside Bar.
I attended the 2 Tayside Bar offerings, although it seems most of the fun was to be had at the Junkies gigs.!!
All the write-ups were the work of our very own secret agent on location, Jock Ferguson.
To read it, you'll need to click onto the image to enlarge it.


  1. Fantastico! Oh how I miss Cranked Up and these type of no frills reviews telling it how it was (for Jock) on the night. Great stuff. Cranked Up very sadly missed I'd say. Well, the internet is here now to read all the local reviews etc but it still doesnt compare to walking into the Tayside Bar and buying a brand new issue of Cranked Up and read about all the local happenings. Retro Dundee comes close though! Thanks you Jock for Cranked Up back in the day and thanks you Retro Dundee for all of these great memories that you have brought flooding back. PS: Whatever happened to the members of the Junkies? Are they still in bands? I remember Ally Henrix brought a really famous jazz man to Dundee?

  2. The Junkies were brilliant even if it was only New York Dolls / Heartbreakers covers. I was at both gigs featured and the Art College one had a far better atmosphere.

    Looking for a kiss !

  3. i got an e mail from al hendrix not long ago, he is now a top hairdresser in the south o France, i kid ye not !

  4. Getting back on topic :

    Vince was a legend on stage, some fucking gear he wore though. Are you still living on the Chinese Rocks, Vince ?


  5. The junkies were great, shambolic, fucked up and Vince and Ali made the band, I still have my copy of "TV Times" which Jock produced, also printed in it is the letter from Buck Palace when Jock enquired if the band could play at the Queen's garden party... they also played at Cloisters(someone has a video) ggod night. They also supported Hanoi Rocks at the Marryat Hall (early 80's?). Happy days...

  6. Hi Vincenzo here, good to hear from everybody, at moment working with the poet Kid Candle at moment, putting music to his poetry, we can be checked out at The Hoolywood website....ah...the Glam Rock Hotel....Burroughs beat v the usual Dundee plastic life.......