Friday, 10 July 2009


Simple Minds were in town a week before Christmas 1982, playing at the Caird Hall on 17th December. A gig I was at. In fact this was the second time I had seen them live as I caught the band a couple of years earlier at Edinburgh Nite Club. This visit was the New Gold Dream tour, an album that was hardly off my turntable back then. I also remember it being a favourite down at the Tayside Bar for a while too.
For some reason, I no longer have my ticket stub for this concert, but I do have this old NME from December 82 with Jim Kerr on the front. Belts worn outside shirts were a bit of a fad at the time!
As a reminder of the show itself, here below is a recording taken from the Caird Hall gig. A track called "I Travel" (I've still got the original 7 inch vinyl of this).
Also on the bill that night were China Crisis.


  1. I saw them on the Sons and Fascination tour at the Edinburgh Odeon in 1981 (brilliant!) and then again at the Caird Hall around about 1984.

  2. I was at the new gold dream tour gig was the opening gig of that particular tour.Remember earlier in the day heading to Tindalls passing across the City Square in front of Caird Hall and standing on the steps of the caird hall was Charlie Burchill and Derek Forbes having a smoke.Gary Daly of China Crisis was standing there too.Had a wee blether with them..gushing out that I was such a fan and I will be attending the gig.
    Ahh the ramblings of a awe struck 17 year old ;-)
    They were fantastic that night by the way :-)