Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Not much of a picture really but the 2 doors in the top image were once buzzing with life back in the 70's & 80's.
They were part of the Tay Centre Hotel building in Whitehall Place. These 2 doors, however, were situated around the side in Dock Street and were an upstairs / downstairs job.
The door on the left of the photo lead upstairs to the disco.
The disco in the mid 70's was called the FERRY BAR, and played rock music.
In the late 70's it became JUNCTION 9 and played a mix of rock, pop & punk - the photo showing the sign above the entrance and the ad dates from summer 1979.
By the time it reached August 1982 it was known as CLUB FEET, and was playing trendier New Wave music.
The Club Feet ad dates from summer 1984, just a few months before it closed in November that year.
The other door next to it lead downstairs to a pub called the Centre Bar, as shown in the other photo.
It too had DJ's that blasted out music, but no dancing took place - and anyway, it was so jam-packed most of the time, it was difficult enough to reach the bar for a round, never mind make any other kind of bodily movement!!


  1. I remember going to the disco there in the mid seventies.

  2. the SNAP-ON brothers old hang out.

    We'd start in the Center bar fridays and saturday evenings then friday's it was off to the bowling alley and saturday's upstairs, hoping to pull a bird and have some fun in the 'love nest'

    Saturday dinnertime, our squad had one rule,you had to be in before 11.30 or you had to buy 3 rounds.
    'We saw mates running along the road, just to make it in time and we all put our watches forward and point out how late they were.....brilliant...when the bar shut at 2.30, we'd have a carry out and play cricket next to the bridge or off course go and see United if they were playing at home

  3. Great little venue over the years for Dundee's alternative youth! R.I.P.

  4. Anyone remember when Vex played in Klub Foot? The PA broke but they had the guts to get up anyway & do something with just a bass & vocals. I still remember everyone with a look on their faces, saying, "what the fuck are they doing now".

  5. Drank in both of these in the late 70's.