Wednesday, 19 November 2008


This is how the ABC in the Seagate looked back in the days when cinema's only had one screen. I used to visit it quite regularly in the 60's & 70's. Whenever there were real big blockbusters on, the queues used to stretch way past Gellatly Street car park. Another thing that I recall was when we were still at school, aged around 15/16, we used to get the bus into town at half-fare, then go see an X film! A double victory for school kids!! That was the only way to see Bruce Lee in action because videos hadn't been invented.
In the picture above is a full length animation called "A boy named Charlie Brown", released in 1969, and it just so happens I have the movie in my collection. So below is a quick view of the intro for all those who would like a wee trip back in time.
By the way, the other film on with it is "Our man Flint".
Photo by DC Thomson.Tints by GG.


  1. I had forgotten there was a cinema there, but yes I did enjoy watching movies there.

  2. Whilst at university 81-85) wednesady afternoon was a sports time and therefore no lectures. Me and the mates used to go to the ABC via the Deep Sea (fish supper) and vitoria wines (4 cans lager) and watch whatever was on.

    The looks on the faces of the other punters as the smell of vinegary fish and chips wafted over whilst they sucked on a kiora was woth the price of admission alone!

  3. Ahhhh, the ABC!

    Bus doon toon - me n mi big bro - hatin the site o each other n fightin like banshees till wi got wir place at the front o the queue fir the bairns' Saturday shows at the crack o dawn.

    This wiz followed eagerly by a bacon roll n a 'proper' milky coffee fae the greasy spoon; and no forgitin a wee nosey in Chalmers n Joy!

    Finally, wid hae a scrap ti the bus stop fir the bus back up the road aroond denir time ... nae mums or dads ti supervise, dead safe wi no a care in the world - like the rest of the 8 and 5 years olds!

    Hate to say what eh've heard misel - but really - these WERE the days!

    And years later - free entry and queue skippin courtesy o mi grans next door neebir who was the manager (RIP both).

    Great times though, simply great! Thanks for the picture; and your site - it's a real tribute to Dundee, it's history and memories ... and its people :)

  4. I saw Jaws at the ABC on Boxing Day 1975.At the end,when the shark gets blown up,the audience burst into applause.Boxing Day was still a working day at the time as i had been up to see my mates at DC Thomson's earlier.I use to like going to the afternoon shows and you still had double bills in those days.The Wicker Man,now a classic British film, was only a B-movie when it was shown here.